What is a FAC NM Leader?


FAC NM Leaders take a greater role in helping their communities improve their fire adaptation. A FAC NM Leader is someone you or your neighbor can look to for advice on what to do to reduce wildfire risk. FAC NM Leaders are the engine of the FAC NM Network. Experience has shown that collaboration is one of the most effective ways to reduce wildfire risk. Sharing resources, whether they be financial, labor, or ideas, helps FAC NM Leaders have an outsized impact in their communities. Collaboration only works if there are active participants. Organizing community chipper days, responding to a question on the FAC NM forum, sharing a success story about a neighborhood firewood removal program are all examples of how FAC NM Leaders can help drive the FAC NM Network.

To help guide FAC NM Leaders through the process of becoming and acting in this important role in their communities, FAC NM members collaborated to create the FAC NM Leader Guidebook. The Guidebook will empower FAC NM Leaders to find solutions and next steps, not necessarily provide them. It provides an overview of a few well-established methods for assessing wildfire risk, identifying community assets, proactively planning for widlfire preparedness, and other useful planning tools. The Guidebook, nor the FAC NM Leader program in general, is meant to replace any already established programs or tools.

How to join the network as a Leader:

In summary, the process to become a FAC NM Leader is:

1.      Join the FAC NM Network as a member on https://facnm.org/members/ and select that you would like to become a Leader.

2.      Complete the short FAC NM Leader form, (click the button below)

3.      Connect with a FAC mentor (facilitated by FAC NM staff)

4.      Complete the FAC NM Leader Assessment and review with FAC mentor

5.      Upload completed FAC NM Leader Assessment to the “FAC NM Leader Assessments” forum category on www.facnm.org.

6.      Congratulations, you’re now a FAC NM Leader! Keep up the good work!