What is a Fire Adapted Community Leader?

FAC Leaders take a greater role in helping their communities improve their fire adaptation. A FAC Leader is someone you or your neighbor can look to for advice on what to do to reduce wildfire risk. FAC Leaders are the engine of the FAC NM Network. Experience has shown that collaboration is one of the most effective ways to reduce wildfire risk. Sharing resources, whether they be financial, labor, or ideas, helps FAC Leaders have an outsized impact in their communities. Collaboration only works if there are active participants. Organizing community chipper days, responding to a question on the FAC NM forum, sharing a success story about a neighborhood firewood removal program are all examples of how FAC Leaders can help drive the FAC NM Network.

How to join the network as a Leader:

- If you are new to the Network - join as a Member and select that you would like to become a Leader, and fill out the additional short Leader form.

- If you have already joined Network as a member and would like to become a leader, fill out the Leader form on the Join the Network page.