All Hands All Lands Burn Team

What is the All-Hands All-Lands Burn Team?


All-Hands All-Lands Burn Team (AHAL) is a collaborative effort between The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico, the Rio Grande Water Fund, the Forest Stewards Guild, and many others to accelerate the return of fire to the frequent fire ecosystems in the Water Fund landscape.

The goal of the AHAL is to get ahead of prescribed fire backlogs on federal, state, and tribal lands and support private landowner’s use of prescribed fire.  

To do this we will create the All-Lands Burn Team with regional area coordinators to add capacity to existing efforts and to serve as a stand-alone organization that can complete burns with insured and qualified burn bosses. We will also mobilize seasonal burn teams consisting of a mix of contractors, staff, and volunteers and to amplify knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Lastly we will engage the public through stories, photos and opportunities for involvement, to raise awareness for forests and watersheds. 

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Press - Fall 2018

The AHAL Burn Team is working with partners in to leverage resources to return fire to fire adapted ecosystems and reduce hazardous fuels.

9/17/2018: Innovation and partnerships to protect water, wildlife, and forests.  Working together for prescribed fire.

9/21/2018: All Hands All Lands Burn Team – Prescribed burns planned Monday to Thursday. Media Invited Behind-the-Scenes of Prescribed Burn near Taos.

Join the Burn Team

Are you a wildland firefighter or prescribed fire practitioner? Interested in volunteering to be part of the All-Hands All-Lands Burn Team to help put good fire on the ground, gain experience, and work on your qualifications? Fill out the form below to indicate your interest, availability, qualifications, and any training needs.

Potential Burn Projects

Use the form below to enter information about potential burn projects so that burns in the Rio Grande Water Fund landscape can be prioritized.

About the Rio Grande Water Fund:

The Rio Grande Water Fund invests in the restoration of forested lands upstream so we can secure pure fresh water. Our goal is to generate sustainable funding over the next 20 years to proactively increase the pace and scale of forest restoration, including the most high-risk areas in the Rio Grande watershed. This innovative project offers a solution that can bring clean water and outdoor opportunities to New Mexicans for generations to come.