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All-Hands All-Lands Burn Team (AHAL) is a collaborative effort between The Nature Conservancy of New Mexico, the Rio Grande Water Fund, the Forest Stewards Guild, and many others to accelerate the return of fire to the frequent fire ecosystems in the Water Fund landscape.

The goal of the AHAL is to get ahead of prescribed fire backlogs on federal, state, and tribal lands and support private landowner’s use of prescribed fire.  

To do this we created the All-Lands Burn Team to add capacity to existing efforts and to serve as a stand-alone organization that can complete burns with insured and qualified burn bosses. We also mobilize seasonal burn teams consisting of a mix of red-carded contractors, staff, and volunteers to amplify knowledge, skills, and abilities. 

Lastly we engage the public through stories, photos and opportunities for involvement, to raise awareness for forests and watersheds. 

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Contact:         Eytan Krasilovsky, 505-470-0185, or Esmé Cadiente, 505-470-0032,

Multi-jurisdictional Prescribed Fire Planned for Cerro Del Aire Collaborative Forest Restoration Project Landscape.

Santa Fe, NM – The Forest Stewards Guild (FSG), working closely with the New Mexico State Land Office (SLO) and the Taos Field Office (TFO) of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), have been preparing the multi-jurisdictional Cerro del Aire landscape, located 7 miles from Tres Piedras, NM, for a prescribed burn since 2016.

This Collaborative Forest Restoration Program project is aimed at protecting soil integrity, maintaining forest health and reducing wildfire risk to nearby communities. The checker-boarded ownership of the land in the project area makes implementing forest restoration, prescribed fire, and managed wildfire challenging. A solution for land managers like the SLO and the TFO is to coordinate their treatments, and work together toward the shared goal of increasing forest health and creating resilient forests and communities in Northern New Mexico.

The forests in the Cerro Del Aire landscape are adapted to fire and need low-intensity burns to remain healthy and reduce the risk of a catastrophic wildfire that could threaten nearby communities. A prescribed burn is planned for this week with ignitions beginning on Tuesday, October 8th (weather dependent). The burn team will be led by the BLM and will be comprised of qualified wildland firefighters from the SLO, FSG and the BLM. In addition, the Forest Stewards Fire and Fuels Youth Crew will aid in the operations. This crew is part of a program that prepares participants for careers in natural resource management by providing them with training, certifications and hands-on experience. The youth are qualified to National Wildfire Coordinating Group wildland firefighting standards.

Smoke will be closely monitored during the burn in compliance with the NM Environment Department’s Air Quality Bureau standards. Smoke may settle overnight in the surrounding areas including Tres Piedras, Carson, Pilar, Taos, Lama, and Questa but should disperse the following morning.  Smoke-sensitive individuals can borrow a HEPA filter for use in their homes for the duration of the burn from the Forest Stewards Guild at no cost. Information on smoke, human health, and the HEPA Filter Loan Program can be accessed here,   

For more information call/text 505-470-0185.

Spring 2019 Summary

Copper Hill RX

Following years of work conducting analysis and treatments in a complex mix of ponderosa and pinon and juniper forests on State Trust Land near Penasco, NM the Copper Hill Rx continued the work of the 2017 Rio Trampas TREX and returned fire to these forests in June 2019. A diversity of collaborators came together over 5 days to complete 500 acres of burning with a wide range of fire effects that were appropriate for the diversity of forest types. This prescribed fire was a success in using a flexible team of diverse partners to get fire on the ground to benefit forests and the communities nearby and down stream.

Aztec Springs RX

The City of Santa Fe Fire Department and the Forest Stewards Guild used snowy conditions to burn 7 acres of piles in the Aztec Springs area of Santa Fe on January 30th, 2019. Burning these piles was the next step to reduce fuels after the City's wildland fire crews thinned the area near communities on the east side of Santa Fe. This work helped advance the goals of the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition.

Tent Rocks Rx

In June 2019 All Hands All Lands Partners supported the Santa Fe National Forest on a 1350 acre burn near Tent Rocks in New Mexico. AHAL provided a fully staffed engine with partners from Chama Peak Land Alliance, and others to patrol active fire line on the burn.

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Press - Spring 2019

The AHAL Burn Team is continuing to work with partners on spring burn opportunities to reduce hazardous fuels and return fire to fire adapted ecosystems. For information about wildland fire smoke and HEPA filters, visit the smoke page.

5/20/2019: All Hands All Lands Burn Team mobilizing 5/23 – 5/30 to support partners, lead burns, and prepare for future restorative burns.

Press - Winter 2019

3/14/2019: Glorieta Camps prescribed burn planned for Friday March 15th to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk.

3/8/2019: Glorieta Camps prescribed burn planned for March to improve forest health and reduce wildfire risk.

1/14/2019: Santa Fe Fire Department, Forest Stewards Guild Plan Prescribed Burn to Reduce Risks To Lives and Property.

Press - Fall 2018

The AHAL Burn Team is working with partners in to leverage resources to return fire to fire adapted ecosystems and reduce hazardous fuels.

9/17/2018: Innovation and partnerships to protect water, wildlife, and forests.  Working together for prescribed fire.

9/21/2018: All Hands All Lands Burn Team – Prescribed burns planned Monday to Thursday. Media Invited Behind-the-Scenes of Prescribed Burn near Taos.

9/25/2018: Los Alamos Daily Post - Forest Service Teams Work To Increase Prescribed Burns To Protect Water Sources, Wildlife & Reduce Risk

10/18/2018: Cohesive Wildland Fire Strategy Newsletter - Western Region

10/26/2018: Prescribed Fire Innovation - All Hands All Lands Burn Team completed burns at Taos Ski Valley and Carson National Forest and is now supporting burning with the Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service.

11/26/2018: Santa Clara Pueblo Prescribed Burn, Puye Cliffs November 28 - 30.

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About the Rio Grande Water Fund:

The Rio Grande Water Fund invests in the restoration of forested lands upstream so we can secure pure fresh water. Our goal is to generate sustainable funding over the next 20 years to proactively increase the pace and scale of forest restoration, including the most high-risk areas in the Rio Grande watershed. This innovative project offers a solution that can bring clean water and outdoor opportunities to New Mexicans for generations to come.