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Mapping Community Assets to Build Wildfire Resilience

Join us in learning about community asset mapping, a collaborative strategy to build local capacity to live well in fire-prone landscapes.  Leave with the understanding and tools needed to inspire the creative initiative of community members where they live and work.

The 2.5-day workshop in Santa Fe will cover basic principles of community asset mapping, perspectives on engaging productively with the social diversity of your community, and how to develop asset-based strategies that are appropriate to your situation.  You will have opportunities to share your experiences and ideas with other participants and to develop a unique action plan for putting what you learn into immediate practice.

The workshop is appropriate for everyone.  No specific prior knowledge or experience is needed.  While the workshop will emphasize fire adaptation and resilience, community asset mapping is useful for addressing other community planning challenges.

Workshop topics include: 

  • The roles of community assets (strengths) and deficits (needs) in local action
  • Techniques for identifying and working with community assets

  • Creating and using community asset maps in an action-planning process

  • Fundamentals of relationship-building to support collaboration 

  • Where community asset mapping fits in building community resilience

The workshop facilitator is Jana Carp, a community engagement consultant with 20 years of experience in asset-based community development in North Carolina and Northern California.  She was hired by The Nature Conservancy in 2016 to work with the Fire Learning Network in testing and gaining insights from using an asset-based lens to work with rural, fire-prone communities and leverage their assets to increase resilience to wildfire.  Jana’s blogs on the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network website, like this one, describe that work.

To ensure a productive workshop, attendance will be limited to 30 participants. Workshop organizers will strive for a diverse group of participants (geographically, experience, profession etc.). Registration will close at 5:00pm on Friday June 1st. To express your interest in attending, please complete the form below. If you have questions or issues with the form below, please email Additional information about the workshop will be shared with participants when the participant list is finalized on June 8th. 

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