Joe Stehling

Formed the Colfax Coalition of FIrewise communities about 12 years ago. Secured several thinning grants for the Hidden Lake Property Owners Association. Continually try to educate our mostly absentee property owners (10 -20 heavily forested acres in size) on Defensible Space and identifying the Hazards in the Home Ignition Zone.

Occupation: Retired

Organization: Colfax County Coalition of Firewise Communities

email: joestehling@earthlink.net

City: Angel Fire

County: Colfax

Website: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=colfax%20county%20coalition%20of%20firewise%20communities

Marlita Reddy-Hjelmfelt

I have been involved in wildfire communications (social media and PIO training) for eight years, for the most part on incidents but also in ongoing preparedness activities. I'm interested in learning more about the physical assessments - mostly for myself but if I can accomplish that, I would be happy to help others assess their properties.

Occupation: Communications & Technology Consultant

email: mar@theredelm.com

City: Santa Fe

County: Santa Fe

Website: https://www.theredelm.com


Eytan Krasilovsky

I have been working in New Mexico for 15 years, first with Bandelier National Monument as a fire effects monitor, then with Cottonwood Gulch Foundation as an ecologist, and finally with the Forest Stewards Guild. As the Southwest Director for the Guild, I activly work to improve forests, watersheds, and communities.

Occupation: Forester

Organization: Forest Stewards Guild

email: eytan@forestguild.org

City: Santa Fe

County: Santa Fe

Website: www.forestguild.org

Porfirio Chavarria

Porfirio gives advice and provides assistance to landowners/homeowners in the City of Santa Fe about their wildfire risk and hazard. He is involved with the Fire Adapted Communities Learning Network (FAC Net), International Association of Fire Chiefs Community Wildfire Readiness programs, and the Greater Santa Fe Fireshed Coalition. Porfirio's goals for the NM Leader's Network is to be a reliable resource in sharing ideas, projects, and activities.

Occupation: Wildland Urban Interface Specialist

Organization: City of Santa Fe Fire Department 

email: pnchavarria@santafenm.gov

City: Santa Fe

County: Santa Fe

Website: https://www.santafenm.gov/wildland_fire_preparedness

Matt Piccarello

Matt on a prescribed burn in Black Lake, NM

Matt on a prescribed burn in Black Lake, NM

Much of my work with the Forest Stewards Guild involves collaboration. Working together and sharing resources adds to our capacity to solve problems such as the growing risk of wildfire to human communities and ecosystems. By working together, I am confident FAC NM Members can achieve tangible results for themselves and their neighbors.

Occupation: Southwest Assistant Director

Organization: Forest Stewards Guild

email: matt@forestguild.org

City: Santa Fe

County: Santa Fe

Website: forestguild.org